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Your Mystery Shopper report was the most thorough piece of feedback that I have ever received. It made us look at ourselves more critically and have initiated a number of changes as a result.

Where your report was different from the AA and other bench marking bodies was that yours became above all a sales tool. You spotted a couple of areas that we had not considered, which we have since taken action on.

All in all I am delighted I decided to book your services and although I thought I already knew my subject it is evident that your thorough and professional "fresh eyes" highlighted areas for improvement & opportunity.

Sue Williams
General Manager
The Bath Priory

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In these difficult economic times it is easy to think that your property doesn't need expert advice. However, this is the time that you need to evaluate your business and look again at your structure and processes to ensure you are fully exploiting your market and maximising your returns. It is often difficult to visualise how a guest experiences your services and this is why having an ‘Industry Insider’ look again is very beneficial. We offer an impartial professional approach, your business is important to us and we want our consultancy service to bring benefit to you, your staff, your guests and your business.

Whilst each client requires their own tailor-made response we would initially suggest a mystery guest audit to evaluate your property, thereby giving an opportunity to see where you excel and where you need to focus your attention. It is normally recommended this includes an overnight assessment for hotels. The audit is a snapshot of your business and a reference point to build on. This is followed up with an overview and suggested recommendations, potential training needs and sales opportunities.

The services we offer are listed below. They are not exhaustive and any one of these can be commissioned as a single project or two or more in conjunction with each other:

  • Mystery Guest Audit
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Brand Profile
  • Business Evaluation
  • Progress and Planning
  • Interior Design
  • Investment Analysis
  • Spa Development
  • Operations
  • Interim Management Support
  • Food and Beverage Design
  • Guidance and Support for New Hospitality Companies
  • Managed Email Marketing

We understand that the current financial climate has encouraged new companies to develop in the hospitality sector and we are especially keen to offer support to individuals who are dipping their toes in the ‘dangerous waters of hospitality’ for the first time!

As an independent company our success is built on building good working relationships - we look forward to working with you!